Torah? Ra-Tat? Rat at? To tar? To tear? (Why, in Latin, do we use the same word, with the same SPELLing, for “tear”, to define both:

1) someone crying


2) pulling/ripping apart

well… those are actually similar in a sense, no? as when we cry, our emotions are being rip2(led)

Regardless, my understanding is that the Tarot came AFTER the playing cards… but who knows… someone?

What I do know is that they are visual tools that contain a pleathora of data/knowledge that is simply embedded/hidden (in a way… and readily available for only those w/the eyes/the desire to know, to be closer to God, to see?)

They correspond directly to the Hebrew Alphabet/Aleph-Beth.

They correspond directly to different mental states/levels of consciousness/types / archtypes. arc/angle/angel types???

They seem, in my opinion, to be cyclical… We become the fool again, in order to obtain the world/universe (be light-bulb-ed/ah-ha-ed), to right quickly find ourselves again the fool. Note: it’s the fool that speaks first… and I admit that as me with this site even, and desire to be again and again and again until I’m as close to God/Spirit/All as I can obtain in this manifestation of … the neoelph.

There are the major arcana (as I’ve been discussing, which relate to the archtypes).

There are the minor arcana as well… the 4 suits… the 4 elements:

swords: air / intelligence (also Spirit, depending), consciousness, awareness, alertness, wisdom via experience
cups: water / emotion, feeling, flowing, intuition, “random” knowing, the chalice/holy grail?, womb
wands: fire / will, passion, drive, active
pentacles/discs : earth, physical, dense, solid, stable

and in my opinion, the major arcana in general : Spirit/God/You/Us/All

and of course so many other correspondences… and idk if i’m even ready to being to discuss the paths on the tree of life and the tarot’s relation, much less the Hebrew alephbeth’s relations.

eval/playing with a thoth deck

eval/playing with a thoth deck

which totals the 5 elements … the pentagram … the pentagon inside (fractality, as always, but note the inversion perhaps) … (see sacred geometry)

know that you can find tarot cards now of every flavor: robots, your fav characters from whatever mov or video game, disney (sindye? you coloring sin or telling ppl to sin and die…? damn walt… or is your 1st name/mane more like law(T|sade)Cross)? For all I know, you’re intent is/was good/positive, but I don’t see it… show me how perhaps?

bah… time to stop typing for now…

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