Some seem to view anyone that says they "channel" knowledge as either a tad crazy, or as having a mental illness, but the fact is, that many channels exist, along with many that channel. Some are able to do so from/at higher levels.

We have our tv channels, our radio channels, our YouTube channels, etc. We can all tune into these different channels at will by flipping a switch or tuning a dial or pressing a button.

We can also tune into different stations... mentally. (See 1st Hermetic Principle: Mentalism) I might describe this as simply being aware/awake/attuned to different planes/dimensions hidden/blocked/segregated off from many, if not most. Or, as simply being aware/conscious. In order to be so, we must first remove that which we mentally struggle with for/on every polarity (See 4th Hermetic Principle: Polarity). But these polarities exist, I believe, on fractal levels, can be viewed as a gradient or a range, and often w/in a larger (or smaller) gradient or range. We might could think cyclically/looping/spiraling...

We can get what some label as "downloads"... simple data/knowledge gained as we remain silent and listen, but without expection... or as we close our eyes to block out what we normally see... or transmute beliefs that are false (realizing that illusion is very, very real and deeply embedded in all culture... though that shifts strongly & exponentially!!!) or any sensory deprivation and/or via certain chemicals or foods we ingest.

Here are a few depictions of fractals:




The spiral (directly associated with the Fibonacci sequence and the # phi === 1.61803390887... a transcendental [hmm... care to transcend anyone?] number that is also directly related to the golden rectangle, the golden ratio, and of course the golden spiral [why labelled golden? (ref. alchemy)] ) can be seen in nature everywhere... including the human body... and on fractal levels. Look @ the ratios of your phalanges on your hands and at a larger fractal level, measure from the top of your head to your bellybutton, and then from there to the bottom of your feet. Take the ratio of the measurements and you'll find 1.61803390887 exists all over the place on your own physical body.

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