My definition (feel free to look up any "proper" definition on your own) of this would be that books<-pages<-paragraphs<-sentences<-words<-charACTers of languages are simply a separation/division (to mask? cast illusion?) from what every human already knows/understands inherently/genetically/is already embedded w/in them, which is #. Without speaking a word, if we both have 2 of something great, and all of a sudden I grab one of yours, now having 3 while you are left with 1, well... you won't like that very much I don't imagine. Or... perhaps you wouldn't care at all? Ask yourself this maybe...

Reference Hebrew &| Greek &| other older languages, and you'll very quickly begin to see/understand how languages (all of them, their subs/characters rather) are divisions (a better word, especially from those that understand programming, might be a "sub-class" or implementing interface of?) of #. The languages themselves could be considered as systems/programs... the words as basic functions... the sentences as a sequence of functions... etc...

Gematria could be considered as a sub itself however (see fractality) of numerology (as this word/drow has different versions/labellings as well), or perhaps it's vice-versa and Gematria came first? Thoughts? Please comment/teach me something!

There are a lot of word -> # and # -> word calculators available on the InterWebs, for free. Simply search. Google is your friend. and isn't. 🙂 (Understand that everything is both good & evil, or neither... it's all perspective (being in unity is to resolve and find the balance i think), which no one can fully agree upon. Having said that, MOST feel bad (via their senses, even ahead of TIME) before breaking any natural law. Right so Gematria reduction for example is similar to taking the digital root of a #. This becomes important with large #s or strings of chars (which wear other properties, yet inherit? those of the concept of #?). For example, let's start with the # 693. We add up each digit 6+9+3=18 and we repeat the process until we are left with one digit, in this example we reduce again only 1 more time using 18 1+8=9. Then we can reduce this one digit ... with the #3 to render the trinity. then to 2. to 1 where all #s eventually can =

So much more to discuss here, but I've got the rest of the site to work on still... I'll revisit... in the mean time, comment away! I'd especially enjoy hearing (again) how numerology in general is ridiculous and that we just need to study mathematics. Ha! Actually don't... please. at least not on that, and not w/out any reason to back your words/programs. 🙂


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