Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

This is where the initial division operation began i may say.

i think some (Jewish mystics, Hermeticists, Mystics, Shamans, Wiccans, Masons, Magicians, ... um, people...) may consider this as, rather let me be the fool again to state/boast/agree thinking this is the balance point between the + tree and the - tree... right before we (though we don't ever) fall into the exploration of the Qliphoth. if we hear our intuition/connection, and have accurate prior knowledge that is objectively validated, we run from this back up the + direction no? i don't know much about that (though i too desire to know more... yet it can be wise to balance safety)... If we don't... we can end up doing black/baneful magic)k( without even realizing that we have done so... thoughts? comment below...


i try to not reference the 777, for several reasons, at least not as much as i used to... based on the advice of a man in the know, but perhaps i should... idk. Thoughts from any that understand a bit about gematria or numerology or other?


"lucifer" was/is the "light-bearer" no? So let's define that. I'd define it as the one that wants to continually strengthen their connection to God/Spirit/All via knowledge/Da'ath by learning more and gaining more knowledge, but also sharing that valuable knowledge..., or at least trying to for family/those you love/all!!! despite how difficult it may be to do so via BOTH parties ego levels. Yes I include myself... though I work... and remain grateful.

So lucifer fell because he desired to BE God, not just connected, chillin' with God right by his side, in totally bliss... yet his ego overpowered him/this deity/ArchAngel wasn't happy with just sitting beside God (yet still ?i'd assume? embody extreme love beyond our comprehension as an ArchAngel flowing as he did his proper/highest work using the knowledge he had gained/experienced/skryed/saw/sensed/envisioned/downloaded/channelled prior, no?

And he, like Jesus and other


This page will never be finished... it doesn't end. it's not linear nor a race. there is no start and no end in sight... and i'm most grateful for that. 🙂


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