Word Correspondences

These are every polar extreme, every oppositie that unites by eating its own tail, & is in turn both equal & opposite. All polarities can be resolved, all dualities to unity and because of that objective fact (law/principle), we can put anything (either listed below even) on either side in any color, tasting however we want it to taste... yet it's fun to play with #s, not to mention words, symbols, & | anything! We transcend duality to be in unity / union with the All/One. This is my opinion only, so please comment with any additions/corrections/notes at will. Also because of this being my belief, I won't be adding to, nor updating this page as much as the other # pages/other.

magnetism | electricity
sacred masculine | sacred feminine
water | fire
earth | air
goddess | god
angel | angel
democrat | republican
jupiter | saturn
devil | god
adam | eve
cold | hot
day | night
order | chaos
true | false
cause | effect
0 | 1

Image Correspondences

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