2 stop trying, 2 stop thinking, 2 b 1

so how for us all to stay in unity? no no i don't mean the simple understanding that we need to co-exist on the planet (as if their was only one planet, despite her beauty...), nor all that's obvious (though easily overlooked): that we don't condone war, nor racism, nor sexism, nor geekism, nor jockism, nor politicism nor religionism nor tvism nor any of the sillyisms, and that we share everything, better everything... i mean the understanding of all of those things but of much more... that we love them all concurrently ... love those we disagree with most more even perhaps, but while adding in higher communication levels amongst all, more gnosis of and for and within all, and with probably the most important factor being constant with all, all while staying in this now moment, & then that one. while downloading/teleporting to/fro Da'at flowing constantly from God/Spirit/Mind and then choosing via our free will to invoke that highest within ourselves to better us/i/self. i've fallen to lose the answer to this at times... and so i rise again to remember it.

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