for those that see me negative…

here's something "positive":

though this post will end that way, i can't promise that it'll start out that way... 😉

we have terms for common computer actions/behaviors, which whether we like it or not, we've created & put energy into. many if not most if not all of them have multiple meanings in non-computer contexts/worlds. let's use "cut" & "paste" for example.

the former has common meanings outside of this (other) virtual context, such as to use a knife/sword to divide/chop/seperate. the later has common meanings outside of the computer context as well, like to get stuck or to stick a thing to another (as when we're distracted, we're stuck [mentally] on one thing?).

ok, done with the necessary negativity 🙂 and here's the good bit:

we could instead, for the exact/equal/same computer functions, instead use the terms "cuddle" and "play". We could consider it as to "cuddle" (instead of that other "c" word) when we put an object on our virtual space (bringing it into us for a hug) & we could also, and instead, use "play" when we release the

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