The beauty of Christianity (and also what in my opinion is at the same time can be the bane) is how its teachings are personified into a human form (or if not, or in addition, as with the Holy Trinity): Jesus Christ. It's easy for us humans to relate to another human. (For those that may be thinking "Well Jesus wasn't human, just in human form at times, He was the son of God." please ask yourself, "Was i not also created by God? am i not also the son/daughter of God?") I find it unfortunate how many of the older writings have been altered and are simple not accessible to most/many.

Christianity allows us to have a human that we can model, strive to be more like, or that we can follow. The only reason/time when this could be a negative thing is if we have the belief that we can't ever be "as good" or "as divine" which, unfortunately, i've seen how many sects teach this/similar concept. What's the point of "being like" if we can never obtain that goal? I personally disagree with these types of teachings and feel they are in place simply as a control mechanism. At the same time, I agree with all of the real/main teachings of Jesus. We can understand & apply the actual teachings or we can choose to put another human on a pedestal, which in turn when that initial thought is implanted in our mind, we may never re-visit it and may operate based on it. If you're feeling this way and/or are upset about what you're reading, i'd ask that you revisit these thoughts for yourself. You may find it very useful! (but only if you do revisit and make sense of it for yourself... which is of course, your choice)

Christianity, as many other religions, has the concept of a trinity (which some sects reject altogether). The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit correspond directly to Keter, Chockmah, & Binah on the tree of life model (which most if not all religions, at their highest levels, seem to accept/follow). These in turn correspond to planets, which I'm not going to explore in more depth on this particular page. What is more important is how these 3 can be applied to our bodies (not just physical, but mental, emotional, etc.) In terms of the brain for example, The Father could be our left brain, The Holy Spirit our right, & the Son, Christ, the bridge between the two: our corpus collosum.

There are many sub topics which could be discussed that i doubt i'll even ever get into on this page, such as the history/origins, astrotheology, etc. Understand that i have respect for Chritianity (as all religions) because it's texts (yes, even the altered ones) have some excellent teachings (not to mention a lot of my family classifies themselves as Christian).

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