wanted to post @ 11:33, yet start delayed until 11:39

and of course the vital words I had in mind @ 11:33, are gone... it is no longer 'that' now. though I remember having something important, no... vital to say... yet it's gone. I sometimes feel like some odd combination of:

1) Firstly choose a favorite girl/guy... a nice person... and chances are, i'm quite like that person. i owe this to my parents i believe.
2) Terrence McKenna ... though i currently know very little about ethnobotany, nor do i currently have the eloquence that's i've heard roll off his tongue, however, i'm most certainly also a mystic like him, and a bard, used to be a bit of a psychonaut even, agree with many of his expressed views and also know a bit about alchemy/yogas/etc.
3) Aleister Crowley, because i too have been lead to gain higher understandings of numbers (do none others see 'crow', 'aleph' [Hebrew], 'ale elf', 'alpha', etc., etc., etc.?) We could evaluate words backwards, as anagrams, invert the individual symbols, and much more no? These are derivations of # i think ... and i'm off subject again... whatever it was supposed to be... I guess I like numbers & patterns like this guy at least... as many others do as well. I know many cringe at this guy's name and think sexual deviant and other negative things. Perhaps he was all of that and more. He's written a good book or two is all i'll say.
4) Let's review your choice for #1... cause I'm talking something like trying to constantly advance/move though actually doing and consciously evaluating myself to attempt to be more like some sort of good person... a Jesus, a Buddha, though only now just striving to be as divine as the masters above that I constantly strive to know better and fly above/away back to root source/God eventually. Until then, i choose to love all of the plants, animals, spirits, ancestors, all of them/everything! I advance nonetheless, as us all, when we are in unity only (in my opinion). I choose to follow natural law as well.
5) H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker, & Neil Gaiman... also William Burroughs... and most definitely Charles Bukowski. I blame my moon/fem/right(powerful) brain hemisphere, my moon in Pisces for this and love it all the same. 🙂 And so this is 5, and it's... 11:58 (that # seems off... no?) ... nope, I see the 13 in it... and the 6

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