Here i'll list some of my favorite breathing techniques (all in time) :

1. Simple cleansing breath: inhale, let your energy bodies absorb, exhale very slowly... (this is my very simple summary of course, based on others that are similar... do as you will, and practice/learn all/only what you choose please & ty 🙂 ).


2. Based on a Tollan Cycle (name?):

i like this one below because i see how it applies to the 4 bodies model which i can relate to well, if not best of all models in which i'm familiar. (i understand there are others that say just 3, others 7, and other #s... I see this as just different categorizations with perhaps similar labellings (some systems encase the 'astral' and 'etheric', cancelling those words and simply have them in a 'mind/mental' category) and also see how all models could be applicable to the tree of life.

i also enjoy this pranayama exercise because the # 4 also for me has at least the following (though more) correspondences (see 2nd Hermetic Principle) :

  • Mother Earth / womb / matrix / planet / element(al?)
  • it's been stated that our temple is organized via a four-fold process.
  • 3rd/triune/trinity # in the concept of doubling as -> 1,2,4
  • 3rd/triune/trinity # of the Divine/Sacred Feminine as -> 0,2,4 [or the third Eve)n(]
  • stability
  • balance
  • home
  • realizing Daath as not a se)phi(rah, it'd still be in the 4th position of the 'lightning flash' if i'm not mistaken and Daath in turn corresponds to knowledge. if we don't count it (as again, it's not considered a sephirah, (a portal rather perhaps?), then # 4 would be/is Chesed/Mercy. i'm good with both ways of seeing this. 🙂

Personally, i'd have to credit this exercise as being based on a cycle of Tollan, though I've seen derivatives of it in many forms. i'm including an elemental correspondence for each phase. The following exercise should be repeated at least 7 times, after an initial brief clearing of the mind (you may also want to first obtain a bit of experience with concentration meditation [which everyone can gain very quickly!!!]):

phase 1) inhale and accumulate cosmic energy/prana/mana (pick your fav term as always) for a count of 4 --- INPUT | Fire
phase 2) intermediary. where the energy/plasmas, which was just gathered/granted from the aEther, go into the energy bodies for complete revitalization, hold for 4 --- RETAIN/STORE/PROCESS | Water
phase 3) exhale for 4, releasing the residue with conscious intention(s) --- OUTPUT | Air
phase 4) total stillness ripening of conscious where you are at one with the cosmic totally. no breath for 4 counts --- MATRIX | Earth

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