i should remind myself more often

being at times the high drow elf hybrid wizard Z30AJF, the 0 & the 1, the 9, but also @ times the red galactic earth, i remind myself of the wise words of the red queen when she states to aliph/us:

When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. ~ The Red Queen of Hearts


If i remember correctly, she gets quite angered when noticing her flowers as have been painted red... i can't say i blame her. i mean who in their correct mind would put toxic paint on a flower? how ridiculous!

i should remind myself of a good one from everyone's favorite cat while i'm at it:

i'm not crazy. My reality is just different from yours. ~ c-hes-hire cat


and so i take 3 breaths, show my respect/gratitude in 3 different ways, and dream up 3 new impossible things that i choose to believe, for now:

  • i travel to the center to get to the bottom of things while leading myself & lifting others in joy to rise back up (when i fell, though not now) to the top, arriving everywhere at the same time.
  • i expand to shrink and contract to grow large enough to journey to the heart of myself while concurrently & constantly remaining conscious of all of my individual infinite bodies while @ the same now moment journeying to the center of our home, our Mother Earth, starting with simply a loving smile and a most happy hug, as she deserves these more often, though then sharing mercurial data on our current progress and on-going efforts towards the union of all of the other multi-verses' as we enjoy a cup of peppermint tea together and fast-forward to watch infinite love manifestations manifesting in a reality/perspective that we share 100%, before rewinding ourselves to plan the manifestation of them.
  • i learn about things that are scary so that they don't scare me. in turn, i naturally learn rapidly how to be more accepting, and as a result, see more love manifest around me.

~ Z3O AJ#

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