the # 0 / Zero

This page, along with all of the # pages, will contain my own thoughts / data / channellings, along with others i've found & agree with. I may at some point include a form for others to add to these as they wish...

Word Correspondences for The # 0 / Zero

the circle / sphere, the Divine Feminine, no thing, off, no value/quantity, pure quality, Da'at / Da'ath / knowledge / data, hole, whole, wholly, the void, unknowable, incomprehensible... so many more (constant work in progress[as with all #s])

If we skew the 0, we get an ellipse which then represents dualities. If we then twist it, we form the 8, infinity, & dual flowing energies.

The 0 is from my perspective that which is the first instance of space. It is also strongly associated with The Divine Feminine (the one that receives then gives birth). Please note that I used the term "receives" and so from whom? This implies there was 1 before this 0... hence, I'm going to associate/correspond several things to the Sacred Feminine, just because, but know that this could be considered the male as well. The seed must be planted before it may grow. chicken/egg paradox, so despite i have fun with numbers/etc., i don't claim to know, am simply grateful i'm experiencing, and for those others that enjoy playing in similar ways, comment/commune with me! Also note, given that it's commonly taught that we start counting with 1, not 0, understand that you may see a shift, i.e., me being off by a digit with some, or all of these correspondences, &| for any #. Please let me know of any others you don't see or that you see as totally incorrect in general. Thanks!

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