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Random NeoElph Track From SoundCloud


i'll be uploading free sound, music and audio tracks that I've created here that i'll classify under a few different main/root categories:

electronica, experimental, soundtrack, darkwave, ambient, goth, downtempo, meditative, hypnogogic, trance

i've got some solfeggio frequency stuff i'll be uploading (some already on my YouTube), though am still researching/comparing Hz values from various sources before i fully implement/post any brainwave synchronization (isochronic tones / monaural / binaural beats / brainwave entrainment / solfeggio / or 6-tone ancient scale stuff).


my belief is that hypnotism is real, & we can be hypnotized but can also learn to use self-hypnosis for positive self-betterment, enhanced concentration, & healing of our different bodies. i think certain tonal structures, dependent on several variables such as (most importantly?) the wave"form" shape itself, but also Hz, how many filters and which types of singal processing it's been filtered through, can help us to heal in different ways even perhaps, though i claim not to be any expert (yet) on this but have also put research time into music theories along with analog electronics (down to the breadboard, but of course other natural tools/machines like theramin (electro-magnetism at it's finest!), analog synthesizers like an ARP (loved that thing... was huge with idk 30ish sliders and maybe a pot or three)
) and i understand the digital PCM-based as well. The differences can be heard easily. Some Native American tribal customs (as one example only), seem to use simple, repetative, rhythmic, yet also improvisational elements are added as they are felt to induce trance. All of these things and how they related to the mind are of interest to me.

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